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This app is a homebase for me and I hope it will be for you, too! This is our opportunity to support each other on this beautiful life journey.
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What you get.

With your membership, I can share everything I’ve learned as an actor, a vegan for over 20 years, mom of two littles, and student of all things green living.
With your membership, I can share everything I’ve learned as an actor, a vegan for over 20 years, mom of two littles, and student of all things green living.

Get personalized support

  • Unlimited access to caring coaches who are committed to inspiring and supporting your conscious lifestyle
  • Member-only live events, videos and classes
  • Personalized advice on how to embrace plant-based living
  • VIP deals on my favorite products
  • Handy tips and tricks on clean beauty, wellness, and self care
  • Exclusive parenting support
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Get meal planning, smart grocery lists & more!

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"Ok, my BIGGEST mom struggle is meal planning. ... This app is not like anything else. The pictures make it easy! The grocery lists and meal plan lists make everything so organized. It takes me no time to make a list now and everything is delicious and easy to make!"
“I love this app! My family is new to 100% plant based meals, we all are benefiting. However it can be very difficult finding and planning meals that are new, and everyone likes. But this app makes it so easy, and I love that it gives options for each meal each day! It has helped make things so much easier for us during a stressful time.”
“I absolutely love the app. ... I am eating healthier and the meals are so delicious. My whole family has been enjoying them. I am not a cook at all, so this has given me the chance to cook for my family. I am very happy and plan to use this for a very long time!”
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How it works.

1. Take the personalization quiz

To best personalize your support, I'll kick off by asking a few quick questions about your goals, preferences, allergies, household size, how much time you have to cook, available kitchen equipment, etc.

2. Get recipes, deals, tips & more!

You'll receive personalized recipes and customized support based on your quiz. Whether you are a beginner with a budget or experienced and looking for new hacks, my app will provide inspiration and guidance daily.

3. Shop & Enjoy

Customize as many menus as you like, use your automated grocery list at the store or get your groceries delivered, and start enjoying delicious plant-based meals, fabulous products, and victory on every front. We're in this together!
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Frequently asked questions

What is Daniella’s Digest?
Daniella's Digest is a membership app designed to help you live your most amazing, conscious, plant-based life. As a vegan for over 20 years, actress, mom of 2 littles, and student of all things green living, I have created the ultimate tool for making living a vegan lifestyle easy, affordable, and more delicious than ever.
What will my membership include?
We have so much in store for you and know you’re going to love Daniella’s Digest! No matter where you are in your plant-based journey, we will meet you there! Here is a taste of what you will get…
Thousands of Vegan Recipes

Our expert culinary team took years to develop thousands of delicious, plant-based recipes. So whatever you’re craving, we have a recipe for that! From hearty breakfasts and healthy snacks to family dinners and delectable desserts, we have you covered

Nutrition Details

We know this information is critical for helping you meet your health goals and making sure you get exactly what your body needs. Every recipe in Daniella’s Digest has a nutrition analysis!

Smart Grocery Lists

Each menu you create has a grocery list that automatically updates and adjusts to your unique household needs—saving you time, money, resources, and energy.

Delivery to Your Door

If Instacart or Amazon Fresh are available in your area, you can have your groceries delivered! Doing so will make shopping and cooking easier and faster than ever.

Video-Based Food Coaching

Our pro team is here to support you with your vegan lifestyle every step of the way. Whether you have a question about meal planning, shopping, cooking, or just need someone to talk to about the transition process, we’re here for you every single day, committed to inspiring and supporting your conscious, compassionate lifestyle


  • Member only live events and videos
  • Advice on how to embrace ethical, holistic vegan living
  • Exclusive deals on my favorite products
  • Tips and tricks on clean beauty, wellness, self care
  • Parenting Tips
What can I expect inside the Daniella's Digest Meal Planner?
Take a look inside the app here, as well as see an example of a day's recipes!
Who is Daniella Monet?
Daniella Monet is an American actress and influencer who is best known for starring as Trina Vega in the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious. Based in LA, she is a mom of 2, entrepreneur, investor, and podcaster who leverages her social media following as a platform to advocate for a holistic vegan lifestyle. In 2018, she co-founded Kinder Beauty Box to curate and deliver cruelty-free beauty products via a subscription model.
What are the recipes like?
Our searchable recipe database is filled with more than 2,000 recipes for nourishing, nutritionist-crafted meals to satisfy every craving. You’ll find everything from simple, veggie-packed meals to exciting, adventurous dishes. Each recipe is created and taste-tested by a team of nutritionists and food experts so that you can cook with confidence. Each day, you’ll receive a fresh batch of personalized meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We offer multiple meal plan styles and lots of customization options so you can get recipes that are a perfect fit for you.
How much does a membership to Daniella’s Digest cost?
Get exclusive content and advice on vegan living, personalized recipes, unlimited printable menus and grocery lists, full nutrition information for every meal, on-demand help from friendly Lifestyle Coaches seven days a week, and so much more for just $39/quarterly or $99/year. And because meal planning is a money-saver in itself, you’ll make up the cost in no time—all while enjoying a delicious, nutritious plant-based diet.
Tell me about these Lifestyle Coaches!
Our team of Lifestyle Coaches is here to make sure you get the support you need to meet your goals. Whether you’re new to the plant-based life, a seasoned home cook, have specific food goals, have picky eaters at home, or are just looking for some friendly support, we’re here for you! Our team is available seven days a week, so we’re here when you need us. Do you want regular check-ins? We offer that! Or simply looking to have access to a team of vegan food pros when you need them? We’re here for you! Everything is built around providing our DD members the best possible experience. Here are just some of the ways we do just that:
  1. Kick off your meal planning with a 1-on-1 session
  2. Support you via chat, email, or phone (whatever works best for you!)
  3. Offer you expert culinary and cooking advice
  4. Suggest food substitutions for any recipe
  5. Create the perfect grocery list for your needs
  6. Help with planning and cooking for your family
  7. Share tricks for budgeting and reducing food waste
  8. Help you find food you love while enjoying the adventure of new recipes
The best part is, there’s no additional cost for the support of our amazing food coaches. Our team is here to support all of our meal planner members! Just let us know when you’re ready by chatting or emailing us any time! :)
I cook for myself and others. Can Daniella’s Digest accommodate a family?
Yes! When you sign up, you can set your preferences to reflect multiple family members. That way, you will have the right amount of food to feed and please everyone! You may also change the servings on a recipe-by-recipe basis, adjusting for daily and meal-time changes.
I have some allergies. Will that be an issue?
No problem! At any point you can set your preferences to exclude any ingredients that you or someone in your family is allergic to or doesn’t like.
I’m new to cooking. Can Daniella’s Digest work for me?
One-hundo! Daniella’s Digest is full of resources to make you feel more confident and at ease in the kitchen. Detailed instructions, helpful cooking videos, simple grocery lists, and beautiful food photos will guide you as you whip up tasty meals. And don’t forget, our Lifestyle Coaches are available to help you every step of the way.
I’m new to eating vegan. Is Daniella’s Digest right for me?
Yes, for sure! Our vegan lifestyle planner is designed to support you no matter where you are on your journey. And if you’re just starting out, you’re in the right place. We’ll help you make easy changes at a pace that is right for you, and help you build skills that will quickly have you feeding yourself and your family with confidence. As your new habits become routine, we’re here to help you maintain them for life. Daniella’s DIgest is full of shortcuts, inspiration, and constant support that will keep your new lifestyle easy and exciting.
Do you deliver groceries?
If Instacart or Amazon Fresh are available in your area, you may have your groceries delivered! Simply click Delivery from your Grocery List to send your ingredients to your preferred delivery service. It’s that easy! Shopping in-store? Just pull up the Grocery List on your phone, and when you find an item in-store, check it off so it moves to the bottom. If you prefer a paper list, you can print your list before heading to the store!
How can I update my preferences?
Looking to upgrade your cooking skill level from beginner to intermediate? Search for 30 minute meals instead of 60 minute? Filter out recipes that contain nuts or gluten? No problem: Click on the menu in the upper right-hand corner of the page on your computer (or at the bottom right on mobile). Click on My Preferences. Select the setting you’d like to adjust, and make the changes. And that’s it! When you make changes, the personalized meal options on your Discover page will update. Recipes saved in your Menus will remain the same.
Can Daniella’s Digest help me plan for special events, holidays, or just leftovers?
Absolutely! We love any opportunity to share the good stuff! Simply follow these three steps:
  1. Add the Recipe you want to make to a Menu
  2. From the Menu page, open the Recipe
  3. For more guests, select Change to increase or decrease the number of servings. For leftovers, select the Leftovers button to double it. Your Grocery List will automatically update for you!
What if I need to shop for some items off the plan?
You can add as many extra items to your Grocery List as you’d like, so your Daniella’s Digest grocery list is the only shopping list you’ll ever need. We’re all about efficiency! Staying organized with your Grocery List sets you up for success every time you go shopping (never forget toilet paper again!).
Do you have an app?
Daniella’s Digest is available on any mobile device via your mobile web browser. That means you have the convenience of an app without having to download one from the app store. Also, you won’t need to constantly update it, and it won’t take any extra memory on your mobile device. That means you can access your DD account from the web browser on your phone or tablet any time, anywhere. And here’s a pro tip! For instant access, you may add an icon to your home screen, making Daniella’s Digest as convenient to access as an app.
To add a thumbnail icon to your iPhone home screen, here's what you need to do:
  1. Open the website in Safari on your iPhone
  2. On the bottom tray, click ‘export' button
  3. Select ‘add to home screen'
To add a thumbnail icon to your Android home screen, here's what you need to do:
  1. Open the website in Chrome on your Android
  2. Touch the overflow button (three vertical dots) and select ‘add to home screen'
  3. Touch ‘add,' and the meal planner will join your other apps and widgets

You can even customize the text below the icon. Simply touch the text inside of the ‘add to home screen' box and change it to whatever you'd like. You'll always have a place to go to feel connected and supported!

I know I am going to need extra support. Is that okay?
Whether you want to reduce your meat consumption, go vegetarian, or try out some vegan recipes, we’re here for you! As a member of Daniella’s Digest, know that you have an entire team of plant-based pros at the ready. We’re here to cheer you on, provide support, and help you find the resources you need to be successful. Whether it’s finding a recipe to bring to a potluck, knowing what to say to skeptical friends, or figuring out what to order at a restaurant, our team of experts is here to guide you. You’ll always have a place to go to feel connected, empowered, and supported!
Are gift cards available for Daniella’s Digest?
Absolutely! You can purchase a gift card for an Annual membership here. Your lucky recipient will be able to activate their membership whenever they're ready to get started!
If I have any more questions, what should I do?
We’d love to hear from you anytime! You may chat us or email us at hello@daniellasdigest.com
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